Time travel is considered one of the never achievable dreams of mankind. Travelling back and forth along the time scale has been a fantasy of many.

The concept of time travel is not new. In the ancient works of literature, we can find many mentions of time travel. Appearing and disappearing of Gods, seeing future or past and taking someone to the past or future are very common in ancient literature. What does this mean? Even early mankind could conceive the idea of time travel. And if anything can be conceived, it can be achieved. Humans are pre-embedded with knowledge as required to sustain life. I strongly believe that this knowledge package is customized. Each individual has a different package with him. At a higher level of existence, some gain free access to the ocean of information flowing around us in the form of cosmic vibration energy. Such souls transcend the limits of time and space. Everything in this universe is bound to particular levels of time and space with definite time density and space density. The ones who gain access to the free flow of cosmic energy can move from one density level to another; while being present in their original density levels. The latest revelations of Quantum Physics also point to this possibility.

In normal travel, be it on earth or in space, there will be two coordinates viz. Time and Distance.

When one could break free the limits of time/space density, his travel has only one coordinate. The “X” axis disappears. He travels without a direction or he travels in all directions at the same time, transcending the limits of time/space densities.

Many think that we should invent a machine to facilitate time travel. I do believe that the tool, the code, the formula, the algorithm for this is already within us.

As I do not have enough TIME, I urge all Quantum Physicists to explore this.

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