Aviation Maintenance is often a complex process involving an amalgamation of various maintenance philosophies in the desired proportion. The main aim of the maintenance is to keep the airplane flying without any safety risks. The manufacturers of the airplane/components often provide the maintenance program to be followed by the operators. The manufacturers make these programs based on the reliability test results and with the help of guidelines made by their respective Regulators. Currently, Preventive Maintenance is the most widely used maintenance philosophy all over the world. Preventive Maintenance is based on two criteria, viz. Flight Hours and Calendar Life. Based…

Time travel is considered one of the never achievable dreams of mankind. Travelling back and forth along the time scale has been a fantasy of many.

The concept of time travel is not new. In the ancient works of literature, we can find many mentions of time travel. Appearing and disappearing of Gods, seeing future or past and taking someone to the past or future are very common in ancient literature. What does this mean? Even early mankind could conceive the idea of time travel. And if anything can be conceived, it can be achieved. Humans are pre-embedded with knowledge…

Aircraft maintenance, like medical surgery, is of two categories — major and minor. But unlike surgery, aircraft maintenance has only one result, SUCCESS.

You can’t fail, you can’t be unsuccessful. The ‘zero error’ philosophy is astonishingly true in aircraft maintenance. Most aircraft maintenance personnel are perfect in their job. But a few, a very few can tend to err.

There is another side to this. Those who are perfect in their job may be ‘failures’ in other fronts of life. Not everyone, but some.

One cannot be perfect in all spheres of life; somewhere he has to err. …

Essays are a thing of the past. I think so.

In my college days, I had to study a lot of essays. Essays by Charles Lamb, Bertrand Russell, AJ. Cronin etc. Many of the essays were on trivial topics completely irrelevant to our surging age and energy. I still remember one “On doing Nothing”. Another one was “All about a Dog”. Some essays were on World wars and so on. We all hated the essays vehemently, even the girls. But there was something that kept us read those essays again and again. That was the Beauty of Narration. Short, crispy…

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, hereinafter ‘AME’ 😊 is an enemy to many. Especially to those who are in the aviation field. Pilots are our arch rivals-all The CAPTAINS and some overgrown co-pilots. We greet each other ( Pilot Vs AME ) with great energy and enthusiasm, disguising venomous vengeance behind our polished smiles. Twenty to thirty seconds after our meeting, we normally start irritating each other. Pilots point out problems and AMEs justify them-till the aircraft departs. Luckily, I am not in the front line of this fight. But I am the first man in the second line.

I am…

Shadows of Solitude

Striped shadow of my heart

Cast by the noontide sun

Beneath the stripes

I see your striped face

Who are you?



Writing is a passion which led to many unorganized, scattered and unfulfilled attempts for self expression.

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